CD#8 – Castle Connections coming soon

East Sussex Falconry

On the weekend of 20th-21st May we will be celebrating the work of those who ensure Herstmonceux Castle occupies a place at the heart of our community. For two days, societies, associations and charities with whom the Castle has some form of connection will be showcasing their work to visitors at this event. So often, the work of the those connected to the Castle is known to just a few, and this event is the chance to raise awareness among all who work at or visit the Castle. For example, did you know that we work alongside local beekeepers and have beehives on site to encourage ecological diversity?

Eastbourne Beekeepers Association

The societies so far signed up include Forest School, Archers of Herstmonceux, the Eastbourne Beekeepers Association, Bexhill 100 Motoring Club, Knights of Herstmonceux, East Sussex Falconry. And there are so many more! All activities on offer, such as the archery, are included in the entry fee.

To ensure that the weekend is a success we are seeking your input. Are you a member of a society or association which would relish the opportunity to share their work with the wider community? If you are, and you can commit two days to the event, we would love to offer you a stand.

Bexhill 100 Motoring Club

The purpose of the event is to celebrate and support the work of the community of which the Castle is part, so there will be no candy-floss or cake stands, but if you work alongside, say, horses at a local horse sanctuary and you want to sell badges in support of your charity, then we would support that.

To request a stand at this event, please contact Julie Ryan on or ext. 4470. We look forward to seeing you there!

»Connecting all at the Castle since January 2017«

CD#7 – Just like a bus…

Buses. You wait for ages and two come along at once! Well, it seems TV programmes featuring our favourite Castle are no different.

So, did you catch the stunning performance of Herstmonceux Castle in yet another TV programme? If you missed it, here’s a quick heads-up about the programme, which is due a repeat but is also featuring on BBC iPlayer, Gravity and me: the force that shapes our lives. It’s a documentary about, well, gravity (the clue’s in the title), but this is the gravity of the everyday rather than of the impenetrable academic textbook.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili
Professor Jim Al-Khalili

The presenter is Professor Jim Al-Khalili, a physicist well known for his ability to help non-scientists connect with science (if you need proof of this, you can borrow some of his titles from the Library). Because gravity affects how much we weigh, our posture and height, Jim plus volunteers spend part of the programme finding out ‘where in Britain gravity is weakest and so where we weigh the least’. One way to lose a few pounds before the chocolate spree and stand a little taller – wherever it is, we are tempted to move there!

If you missed it first time round, the programme is being shown again this Sunday (2 April) on BBC4 at 10.00pm. If that’s a little late for you (and for some of us it is!), it’s also on iPlayer for 1 month, so you have a little bit of time to see the Castle in action once more.

»Gravitas, levitas et scientia«

CD#6 – Gambol through the Grounds

Sarah McKenzie will lead the walk

This Friday lunchtime (17th March) Biology professor Sarah McKenzie will be leading a nature walk through the Castle’s grounds – and she would very much like you to join her. The walk will wend its way via the Orchard up to the Ponds, where Sarah will talk to you about the wildlife lurking there and the ways in which the habitat is being managed. You will then follow the path to Birch Walk and then on to Chestnut Walk.

A nimble visitor at rest

En route, with some luck (and a bit of stealth for the benefit of the more nimble inhabitants of our grounds) you will see butterflies, birds, evidence of the odd mammal (if you are really lucky, maybe even the odd mammal itself!), plus an assortment of fungi and flora. Sarah will help you identify the various species around you, and will explain how all you see before you lives harmoniously (or not so harmoniously) in their shared environment.

So, if you fancy a ramble in the sunshine (the weather forecast is currently sunshine, but, hey, who knows at this time year!), meet Sarah this Friday at 1.00pm outside Castle Reception. Wear some stout shoes (or wellies if the forecast is wrong and it tips it down!) and some sensible clothing, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Ducking out…

The walk is scheduled to last 90 minutes, but if you can’t spare that amount of time, join Sarah for whatever time you do have and you can always ‘duck’ out when it suits you!



»Ducking and diving since January 2017«

CD#5 – Which Antiques?…Witch Antics

Some of you may remember the queue of people stretching across the South Gate bridge and encircling the Castle on a sunny day last March when keen individuals patiently waited to share their prized possessions with Paul Martin and his Flog It! team. We’re delighted to say that the episode recorded that day is about to make it to the small screen – and not just the one episode, but two!

Paul Martin and his team reveal the treasures of Herstmonceux

Both episodes will be aired next week on Tuesday, 14th March at 4.30pm on BBC1 and on Friday, 17th March at 4.30pm, also on BBC1. If you are around, why not join us in the Conference Room at 4.30pm on Tuesday, when we will be celebrating the screening. Refreshments will be provided. All being well, the Castle’s performance on Flog It! twice in one week will tempt many more keen individuals to experience this spectacular location for themselves.

It was almost certainly the spellbinding nature of our location and the oft-heard comparison of the Castle to a famous fictional school for wizards that resulted in us hosting the Bothwell School of Witchcraft this August. For 3 days (11th to 13th August) budding witches and wizards will have the chance to role-play a character specially created for them based on their answers to a questionnaire when they register for the event.

Witches and wizards in August

With unique settings and story lines, the participants will be able to interact with other characters to contribute to an exciting adventure, as in popular murder-mystery weekends, (but this time with magic, and perhaps without the murder…) There has been quite a buzz on social media about this event and a number of news articles but, to find out what all the excitement is about, visit the School’s website. All we will say is, be prepared to see black gowns and wands aplenty for a brief ‘spell’ in summer!

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