CD#7 – Just like a bus…

Buses. You wait for ages and two come along at once! Well, it seems TV programmes featuring our favourite Castle are no different.

So, did you catch the stunning performance of Herstmonceux Castle in yet another TV programme? If you missed it, here’s a quick heads-up about the programme, which is due a repeat but is also featuring on BBC iPlayer, Gravity and me: the force that shapes our lives. It’s a documentary about, well, gravity (the clue’s in the title), but this is the gravity of the everyday rather than of the impenetrable academic textbook.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili
Professor Jim Al-Khalili

The presenter is Professor Jim Al-Khalili, a physicist well known for his ability to help non-scientists connect with science (if you need proof of this, you can borrow some of his titles from the Library). Because gravity affects how much we weigh, our posture and height, Jim plus volunteers spend part of the programme finding out ‘where in Britain gravity is weakest and so where we weigh the least’. One way to lose a few pounds before the chocolate spree and stand a little taller – wherever it is, we are tempted to move there!

If you missed it first time round, the programme is being shown again this Sunday (2 April) on BBC4 at 10.00pm. If that’s a little late for you (and for some of us it is!), it’s also on iPlayer for 1 month, so you have a little bit of time to see the Castle in action once more.

»Gravitas, levitas et scientia«