CD#14 – Summer visitors

A comma butterfly – one of our many summer visitors

Have you noticed that it has got a little hotter recently? If you haven’t, well done. You must be sitting in the shade somewhere. If you are a hardy individual and are tempted to brave the heat, now may be an excellent time to enjoy a trundle around the Castle estate.

Yellow rattle

Guy, the Castle’s Head of Grounds, recently got in touch with The Drum about some of the interesting visitors to the grounds we have been welcoming in recent weeks – and not of the human kind! Here’s Guy’s update on what you may be able to see on your estate travels.

“Thanks to the glorious weather the Estate Team have been busy mowing and strimming around the grounds. However, the summer is the best time to see the fruits of our labour from the previous winter’s work.


(Left to right: common spotted orchid, plant and flower, yellow rattle)

On a short walk with keen naturalist Ian Standivan, we identified a fantastic array of the wildlife that benefits from our work on the estate. These include dragonflies (broad bodied chasers); mammals (pygmy shrews); birds (goldfinches, whitethroats, blackcaps, chiffchaffs,great spotted woodpecker, long-tailed tits, coal tits, reed warblers, garden warblers, mallards, moorhens, swallows); butterflies (common blues, meadow browns, small tortoiseshells, red admirals, white admirals, painted ladies; moths (silver Y).

(Left to right: ragged robin, knapweed and mallow)

The wild flower meadow is starting to show great signs of improvement and species diversity and, with ongoing work, we hope it will develop year on year.

Foxglove regeneration

Through the woodland thinning we are now seeing some fantastic signs of regeneration with elder hazel, honeysuckle, bluebell, wood anemone and foxglove making a strong appearance in the understorey.

Later in the summer we hope to start a barn owl ringing program to keep track and monitor breeding barn owls on the estate.”

Bumblebee feeding on common vetch


So now is your chance to grab your Spotter’s Guide to… and head off into the meadow and woodlands!

All photos in this post were taken by Guy.

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