CD #34 – Shedding light on the BISC’s brand new Science lab.

On behalf of everyone at The Castle Drum, welcome to Summer Term at the BISC. Whether it’s a by-product of the recent pleasant weather or not, energy levels are high and there’s a tangible sense that the Castle community is happy and well and truly back into the swing of things after a month without students. Just to reiterate our standard call to action, whatever your plans for the coming term, if you are spending the Summer doing something that you think is of general interest to the wider community, be sure to email us at The Castle Drum so we can feature you in the next issue.

Today we are proud to announce the completion of the new Science Lab on Maskelyn Road. (Hands-up who actually knew it was called Maskelyn Road?) Situated on the site of the old Physics Lab, next to the David Smith Building, (you know, the one on Maskelyn Road?) this stunning new facility will be the new home for Science students at the BISC. If like us, you’re itching to have a nose around and see what the men and women in high-vis vests have been up to, then we have some great news for you – Sarah Butler has offered to host two drop-in sessions and give guided tours of the facility. Absolutely everyone is welcome, no appointment is necessary, but please wipe your feet to keep it looking as pristine as possible!

Satisfy your curiosity on Friday 24th May between 10.00am and 12.00 noon, or Thursday 30th May between 1.00pm and 3.00pm. For those that can’t wait, here’s a couple of teaser pictures to whet your appetite:

BISC Dry Lab
The ‘dry’ lab is a maker-space and will be the new home of Geology and Physics at the BISC.

The new Science Lab (the building’s formal name is still tbc at the time of writing) will be the focal point of Science at the BISC, but it will also play an important role in the Castle’s ongoing remit to engage in community outreach projects. In partnership with our local branch of Men’s Sheds, the labs will provide arguably the most state-of-the-art ‘Shed’ for many miles around.

BISC Wet Lab
The ‘wet’ lab can comfortably accommodate 24 students at a time. Biology and Chemistry practicals will take place here.
Fume Cupboards
State-of-the-art fume cupboards will remove potentially harmful gases and make them safe via a series of scrubs and filters.

Men’s Sheds is a charity organisation which aims to provide the means for local men to meet, make connections and indulge in a shared passion for woodworking, mechanics, mending, whittling and all manner of other activities that are traditionally the domain of the garden shed. While these hobbies are usually solitary in nature, Men’s Sheds seeks to create quite the opposite – a sense of inclusivity and togetherness. Its members are given a place to meet up, share practical skills, swap knowledge and chat with like-minded tinkerers. In this way, the charity builds communities and reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Members of the Herstmonceux branch of Men’s Sheds share a passion for woodworking and will be given access to the large, wide-open space adjoining the lab on fixed days of the week. (Exact schedule tbc, but when we know, you’ll know!) They will work on their own projects and create items that are then sold to raise funds for the charity, as well as be on hand in this maker-space to assist BISC students with their own hobby projects, or practical scientific assignments.

For more information about the charity’s work, visit the Men’s Sheds website.


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