CD#1 – Introducing The Castle Drum

A very Happy New Year and warm welcome to the 2017 Winter Term at the BISC! You are reading the first issue of The Castle Drum – an irregular publication (but we hope only in terms of frequency) that aims to share news of general interest with the BISC’s staff and faculty.

What better way to kick off the New Year, than a brief summary of the year that was? Well if Channel 4 can somehow make a whole week’s worth of programming out of a string of review shows

For a relatively small community, the BISC has achieved much in the past year. Tempted as we are to post a bumper first edition however, The Castle Drum will always be committed to staying as close to a one-pager as humanly possible, so here is just a very small selection of the noteworthy events that took place in 2016:

The Heat Exchanger› A series of collector coils, header pipes and if we’re all honest, lots of technology we don’t really understand was sunk in the moat at the end of the Summer Term.  The upshot is that we can now use the sun shining on the moat as a source of renewable energy, and the castle is making a saving of around 40% on its energy bill.

A new Con-Ed Stream› In September we enrolled our first cohort of students training to become teachers alongside their regular degrees. Having spent the Fall taking part in classroom observations at local primaries, they will be making the jump to Big School in the New Year and are heading off for placements at Battle Abbey School and Claverham Community College. We very much hope that offering students such a useful comparative experience so early in their teaching careers will prove to be an attractive proposition that will see this program go from strength to strength.

Space Study Implementation› The pigeon holes were moved, it has to be said under an impressive cloud of dust, to the new, more secure location of Apartment 1 in August. It’s intended as a communal space for faculty and staff to take breaks and relax, so if you have not availed yourself of its comfy leather sofas and kitchen facilities recently, do drop by. The Space Study also identified the need for more dedicated lounge and study spaces for the students in the castle itself. The Green Room is now such a space, with tables arranged for both group and personal study, two futon sofas and Christian’s personal favourite items of furniture – an assortment of Hipster-friendly beanie cubes!

At the end of the summer, Student Services made their long-awaited move from up in the castle’s rafters to the far more desirable location of Garden Cottage. Many hours of Ikea-inspired fun later, the BISC has a bright, comfortable and accessible drop-in centre for its students.

The most significant change at Bader Hall was the installation of the new Laundry Services in November. Students were instantly raving about the lower cost, larger drums and greater efficiency of these new machines. We all recognise that there is still much more that can be done, but it was an important first step in improving everyday campus life for our students. The Space Study Steering Group will continue to work through its list of long and short-term projects in 2017 and The Castle Drum will keep you posted.

Online presence› The castle’s online presence continues to grow, thanks in no small part to the relentless efforts of Michael Green in Student Services. The castle is committed to utilizing social media to enhance its profile, respond to the feedback we receive from those who visit us and ultimately persuade many more people to come here! You can play your part and help support our efforts online by following the castle and sharing our media via these links:





That’s all for now. Wishing you all every success in 2017! If you have questions, or feedback, please email

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